Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Very British

Playing with stereotypes is often very funny. Especially when it is done by stereotyped people themselves. When in London for the first time I found this awesome ad on the wall of the underground. Harrods really did a great job with this one.


Yoshi said...

What a great ad. It was a little hard to read from the picture, but well worth the extra eye-strain to do so.

Yoshi (libertunity from Swapbot)

candyn said...

It is always good for a culture to be able to laugh at themselves. Not enough of that is done in my country I don't think. (US) I love creative advertising. If you have to be exposed to it, might as well make you laugh, right? candyn/swapbot

Jen said...

ha ha, we do apologise in the UK a lot, but it's really more of a reflex. If someone bumps into you you apologise, if you nearly bump into someone you apologise, if get in someone's way you apologise. it's nice to be polite though!

samuraijen - swap bot