Tuesday, March 23, 2010

SERIES Cultural ambassadors (Cross-culture email connection)

I have initiated a swap on swap-bot that might help to increase intercultural knowledge and understanding and broaden our horizons. Every participant will be an ambassador for his country and give his own subjective view on a number of issues. Some questions are optional, some are mandatory. During the next two weeks I will publish their stories anonymously.

Here the swap-rules for everybody again:

Swap requirements:

There will only be one swapper from each country (post your country in the comments). You will send the same email to 6 people that contains:
  • a description of what you eat for breakfast
  • a short description of a typical work day
  • a description of your favorite day off (weekend or holiday)
  • a short description of your country and its position in the world, including something you like about it and something you don't like
  • a list of languages (optional: dialects) that are spoken in your country
Also please pick three or more of these:
  • a description of the most common ethnic minorities in your country and how they are viewed
  • a list of the three most important holidays of your country and how they are cebrated.
  • description of some national specialties/products
  • a description of the role of men and women in your country
  • a famous person from your country and what she/he is famous for
  • a type of craft that is typical for your country (doesn't have to be typical ONLY for your country)
  • the role of religion in your country
Tell me if you think I've forgotten interesting aspects in the comments.


This is a swap for cultural understanding. That means please don't sign up if you are a) easily offended or b) like to piss people off ;-) Be mindful about other perspectives and remember that you might be paired with somebody from a country that is at war with yours or has a high level of state propaganda and censorship (and don't assume yours hasn't...). This is why I would discourage any further contact between participants apart from purely positive friendship or penpal request. Don't go spamming someone because you didn't like their country or their answers (or there will be consequences)!

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