Monday, March 15, 2010

Funkhaus Europa - Listen to the world

I am very happy to live in a part of Germany that has an intercultural radio station. They are broadcasting in Berlin, Bremen and parts of the area around Cologne. All their hosts have an international background of some kind. Their topics also focus on international news and issues of interest to "people with migrational backgrounds" as they are called politically correct in Germany now. What I enjoy most is that they play songs from different countries in a wild mix. And they have playlists. Another feature is that they offer shows in the native languages of different ethnic groups. Lucky for me these are around the less frequented times early in the morning and in the evening. There is half an hour of BBC world, Radio France, Radiopolis (Greek), Café Alaturka (Turkish), Balkanizer as well as Gospels on Sunday morning and many more. They also support world music acts and concerts in Germany.
I really like this diversity, even though that means that I can't always tune in to my favorite radio station (as I don't speak Greek, for example).
Have a look here or even stream if you understand German. Here are some songs that are amongst their most played:
Amadou and Mariam: Mbife (A couple of blind musicians from Mali, Africa's most important musical region. The song is really powerful)
Carla Bruni: Quelqu'un ma dit (Mrs. President of France so to say... Very sexy voice)
R-wan: a-pic (Nice french mix with gypsy violins)

Let me know how you like the songs. Do you also have radio stations that feature native language programs?

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